Recycled Cardboard Glitter Crowns


This easy recycled cardboard glitter crown craft is a huge favorite in my house…my girls use these cute little crowns everywhere, from dressing up dolls and stuffed animals to creating the perfect decorations for prince and princess-themed parties. Get creative and make any occasion a royal one!


What you will need:

Empty cardboard toliet paper rolls

Mod Podge

Silver and gold glitter

Cardboard food trays


Paint brush


Step 1: Using scissors, cut cardboard rolls in half.


Step 2: Snip triangle-shaped cuts into one side of each half, creating a crown shape.


Step 3: Coat each crown with a layer of Mod Podge.


Step 4: Pour glitter into food trays and roll each crown in glitter, making sure to coat thoroughly.



Step 5: Shake off excess and allow to dry. Now you’re ready to crown your next king or queen!

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