DIY Flour Hollywood Walk of Fame


Let’s go to Hollywood! Pretending to be a superstar is easier than ever with our super easy DIY Flour Hollywood Walk of Fame project. With simple materials and our printable Oscar template, you’ll be ready for your close up in no time Recreate this LA landmark on your own patio or lawn…and get those acceptance speeches ready. Everyone gets to be a star on this walk of fame!


What you will need:


Poster board

Heavy card stock



Exacto knife (adults only, please!)

Oscar stencil template. Click here to download and print!

Gold paint




Step 1: Using the ruler as a guide, draw a big star in the center of the poster board.


Step 2: Cut the star out using an Exacto knife (remember to protect your work surface first.)


Step 3: Choose a flat surface for your walk of fame–grass and pavement will both work. Using the poster board as a template, pour flour over the star shape.


Step 4: Print Oscars on card stock, cut them out with scissors and cover with gold paint.



Step 5: Lay one Oscar in the middle of each flour star.


Now you’re ready to thank the Academy!

Snowflake Gift Topper


Last week, we celebrated Winter Wonderland by creating simple, beautiful paper snowflakes. This week, we’re showing you how to show off your new snowflake skills with our adorable paper snowflake gift topper–perfect for adding a unique, personal touch to all of your holiday gifts!


What you will need:

Colored construction paper (we used red for a festive Christmas look)




Step 1: Create a paper snowflake following the pictures below. For detailed instructions, click here.





Step 2: Cut a length of twine long enough to wrap twice around your gift, with plenty of extra to tie a bow.


Step 6: Lay your paper snowflake gift topper flat on top of the wrapped present. Wrap the twine around the gift to secure, tying into a festive bow to finish off the look.


Hot Chocolate Jars


Holiday parties are in full swing! We love these sweet, simple hot chocolate jars…they make adorable hostess gifts and are so much fun to assemble together. And they taste delicious, too!


What you will need:

Mason jars with lids

Powdered hot chocolate

Peppermint sticks


Gift tags

Rubber stamps

Ink pad

Baker’s twine

Jingle bells


Step 1: Fill your jars with the hot chocolate ingredients, creating layers as shown below.





Step 2: Use the rubber stamps to create personalized tags for your hot chocolate jar gifts.


Step 3: Attach the tags to the top of the jars with baker’s twine. Don’t forget to add a jingle bell for a festive finishing touch!



Pom Pom Beanie


We love beanies in my house! Not only are they the perfect cold weather accessory for winter sports and play, but they make any outfit look extra fabulous. To personalize our beanies and give them a pop of color, we love this pom pom beanie craft that lets every member of your household make their beanie unique. Enjoy!


What you will need:

Brightly colored yarn

Knit beanie (any type)


Yarn needle (if needed)


Step 1: Begin by wrapping the loose end of a ball of yarn evenly around four of your fingers. Continue wrapping until the entire ball of yarn has been used.


Step 2: Carefully take the yarn off your hand making sure to not let it unwind! Using a separate piece of yarn tie a double knot around the center of the bunch, perpendicular to the way the yarn has been wound.


Step 3: Using scissors, cut open the yarn loops on both sides of the knot. Make sure you cut straight down the center to ensure that the yarn is equal in length on all sides. Now open up the pom pom and cut away any excess yarn!


Step 4: Using the two pieces of yarn holding the pom pom together, string each one through the top of the knit beanie. We used our fingers because our beanie was a loose knit, but if your hat is tightly woven you can do this with a yarn needle.


Step 5: Flip the beanie inside out and tie a double knot to secure it. Cut away the extra pieces of yarn.


Step 6: Flip your beanie back right side in. Now you’re ready to wear and enjoy!


‘Tis the Season


It is December 3rd and 70 degrees in Southern Cali… That in itself makes it difficult for me to get in the holiday spirit.

That and the fact that I feel like Holidays 2012 was yesterday. How has a year passed already?

The minute I leave the comfort of my house however, I am accosted with reminders that it has… Lights… Santa’s… Menorahs…

It’s all happening… it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and we are smack in the middle of Hanukkah.

I feel like the “Grinchess” who stole Hanukkah…  Calling Scrooges everywhere, I need a visit from ghosts of Xmas past.

Nativity scenes and tree lots and carolers… OH MY!

I find comfort with the lazy shopkeepers who have yet to get rid of thanksgiving turkeys decorating shop windows.

‘Tis the season to be Jolly… Fa la la

Sounds more like ‘Tis the season to be grumpy… in my head!

Holiday music feels like nails on a chalkboard … I turn down the music on the car radio only to be succumbed to the louder noises in my head. Holiday music means presents… I haven’t shopped… just adding to the list of TO DO’s, which at this point looks more like a list of all the things I haven’t done.

Perhaps it’s the leftovers from last week. And I don’t mean the turkey. Parents, in laws… all of it…  I am combusting in the aftermath… I am exhausted.

I seem to have a major case of the blah hum bugs.

I remember the days that the warm glow from the fire actually warmed me.  And the thrilling anticipation of getting just what I wanted thrilled me. And the wonderful sense of giving filled me.  It wasn’t that long ago… was it? I feel like Dorothy clicking her ruby red slippers… I want to go back there.

I understand now why bears hibernate… they are smart. They wake up and tis the season has passed and they are well rested. Sounds like heaven.

I am trying to remember when I lost sight that the world was my oyster.  When life was without responsibility, and I magically received gifts I wished for.  Oh yeah, it was when I became an adult! As if I needed a reminder, the holidays seem to be screaming at me, “YOU ARE NOT A CHILD ANYMORE!” Damn!

What is happening to me? I love to shop and give and surprise my kids and family and friends.  All of a sudden it seems holiday shopping is merely a form of torture.

I am hanging on to the fact that my kids think the Grinch is cute. That is until Mommy turns into one.

OK Lady… this is where the road intersects… your choice… You may withdraw or do what you do best, plunge into action as a brave warrior in a losing battle.

I know, I know, as an adult, my delight comes from the realm of my inner child. It is my job as a parent to help my children learn how to turn that delight on for themselves.

It should be enough knowing what I know and seeing so many adults who are still learning how to create their own happiness and spend too much time waiting for someone else to turn that light on for them.

I will not let this case of the Blah Hum Bugs get the best of me. Kimberly Muller get it together…

I close my eyes and visualize me turning my light back on.

I learned long ago when I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, that the secret in approaching the holidays is not to wait for others to make us happy; it is for us to create our own happiness.

What can I say; we all have momentary lapses of consciousness.

Bring it on Santa…

Inspirational Wall Art


We’re celebrating Expressions this week at Moonfrye…and we love combining words and art to create inspiring spaces. This inspirational wall art craft is super easy and lets you turn any blank space into a place where you can enjoy your favorite words or sayings. For our creation, we used a lyric from one of my family’s favorite songs. Don’t have a favorite quote? Sit down together and come up with your own!


What you will need: 

Alphabet stencils

Colored craft or construction paper




Hot glue gun or heavy duty craft glue


Step 1: Using stencils, trace the letter’s you’ll need for your saying onto the craft paper.


Step 2: Cut the letters out using scissors.


Step 3: Measure the length of twine you’ll use for each part of the phrase, making sure you plenty of room on either end for hanging.


Step 4: Using the glue gun, apply a layer to the top of each letter where it will hang down from the twine.



Step 5: Hang…and get inspired!


Mini Christmas Tree Decorations


Holiday decorating is in full swing at my house! My girls and I like to go all out this time of year, making every inch of our home look festive and bright. We loved making these mini Christmas tree decorations and hope you will too!


What you will need:

Mini evergreen trees (available at craft stores)


Tinsel glitter

Spray adhesive

White filler felt


Birch discs (available at craft stores)



Step 1: Spray mini trees with adhesive.


Step 2: Sprinkle on tinsel glitter.


Step 3: Apply a dab of glue to a birch disc and press tree on top firmly to secure.



Step 4: Use the birch disc to trace a circle in pencil on the filler felt and cut out with scissors.


Step 5: Cut a slit to the center of your felt disc.


Step 6: Slip the felt “tree skirt” around the trunk of your tree.


Step 7: Use your miniature Christmas tree decorations to make your home extra merry this holiday!


Make Your Own Snowballs


Winter wonderland is in full swing at Moonfrye. But sometimes, we have to fake it a little in order to make the most of our West coast winters. No snow in your neck of the woods? No problem! Our easy, adorable make-your-own snowballs are guaranteed to give you “frozen” fun anytime of year, no matter what the weather is like outside!


What you will need:

2 boxes (16oz) cornstarch

1 container of white shaving cream



Step 1: In a large mixing bowl, mix together the cornstarch, shaving cream and glitter.


Step 2: Add more glitter as desired until you get just the right look for your fake snow!

Step 3: Mix until the consistency is fluffy but able to be packed together.



Step 4: Pack together as many snowballs as you want…and have a good old-fashioned snowball fight any time you want, all year long!





Paper Snowflake Banner


We are celebrating all things winter this week at Moonfrye! Create your very own winter wonderland (without needing to brave the cold weather!) with our paper snowflake banner. Simply fold, snip, hang and enjoy!


What you will need:

White paper



Tacky Glue


Step 1: Take a piece of white printer paper and fold one corner diagonally down to create a triangle (a perfect square if you unfold it) Cut the excess paper off the end, but keep the paper folded.


Step 2: Fold the triangle in half, making sure to align the edges and corners.


Step 3: Repeat Step 2 to create an even smaller triangle.


Step 4: Cut out different shapes and designs along the edges and corners. The more designs you cut, the more intricate your snowflake will be!


Step 5: Unfold your triangle and unveil your beautiful snowflake!


Step 6: Make several different snowflakes following the steps above. Be sure to vary the cut out designs to make each and every one unique!


Step 7: Measure and cut a piece of twine (length will depend on where you want to hang your banner).


Step 8: Using a dab of glue on the corner of each snowflake, glue each one to the twine.



Step 10: Hang your snowflake banner up in the house to create your very own winter wonderland!


Glitter Pine Cone Garland


Make the holidays sparkle with our glitter pine cone garland craft! Collect pine cones from your own backyard (or get them at a local craft store) and create an easy, fun holiday decoration that will brighten your home this holiday season.


What you will need:


Pine cones

Spray adhesive

Hot glue gun

Ribbon or suede strips cut to varying lengths


Step 1: One at a time, spray pine cones with adhesive.


Step 2: Sprinkle glitter liberally over your pine cone and shake off excess. Repeat with each pine cone you want to use for your garland.


Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, apply a dab of glue to each pine cone’s base and press one end of a ribbon firmly to seal.


Step 4: Gather the loose ends of your ribbons and tie into a bow. Now you’re ready to hang your glitter pine cone garland somewhere special!


Stocking Ornaments


It’s that time of the year again when we dust off our Christmas decorations and make the house a magical place! My girls and I get so excited to dress our tree with ornaments. These mini stocking ornaments will be the perfect handmade addition to your Christmas tree this year!


What you will need:

Red and green felt

Baker’s twine

Decorative bells




Step 1: Using the green felt, free-hand cut out the shape of the stocking.


Step 2: Cut a piece of baker’s twine.


Step 3: Thread the twine through decorative bell.


Step 4: Tie a knot at the end of the twine to close the loop.


Step 5: Cut a rectangle shape out of the red felt. Using a hot glue gun, glue the red felt to the top of the green stocking, and glue the bell to the right-hand corner of the stocking.


Step 6: Hang your new handmade stocking ornament on your Christmas tree!