J/P HRO: Helping Haitians Find Their Way Home


Many of you know that one of my greatest adventures, and an effort so close to my heart, is my work with J/P HRO. Haitian culture has been a source of inspiration to me for many years, and the individuals I’ve met during my travels to Haiti are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Rebuilding Haiti is one of my true passions, and I feel blessed to have been working with this fantastic nonprofit since 2011. And now, I couldn’t be more thrilled for the whole Moonfrye team to be joining forces with J/P HRO to help more displaced Haitians find their way home.

When my co-founder Kara Nortman and I first came up with our goals and missions for Moonfrye, Inc., we knew finding organic and concrete ways to support charities and give back to the global community was a huge part of our identity as a company. Bringing themes to life and allowing people to celebrate milestones is one of our company’s true passions, and we are thrilled to be able to use our app themes to highlight and build awareness for important charitable campaigns.


This week, as we celebrate the New York marathon and help showcase Team J/P HRO’s Long Run For Haiti’s world class team of athletes, we are proud to release our limited edition paid J/P HRO app theme. Net proceeds go to J/P HRO and will help Haiti rebuild their incredible community one brick at a time. For more information on the organization, please visit their website.

We hope you’ll join forces with the Moonfrye team in helping to build awareness about this amazing charity! Download the Moonfrye app and check out our $.99 J/P HRO Marathon theme. Make collages, share them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to tag them #TeamJPHRO to show your support!



J/P Haitian Relief Organization is dedicated to saving lives and bringing sustainable programs to the Haitian people quickly and effectively. Following the tragic earthquake of 2010 J/P HRO began working immediately to make an impact in Haiti.  J/P HRO works with both government and non-governmental agencies to deliver immediate results where the need is greatest. Efforts include but are not limited to providing emergency medical and primary care services, delivering badly needed medical equipment and medicine, distributing food and water purification systems, improving communication systems, and developing housing and education facilities. The goal of J/P Haitian Relief Organization is to help lift the nation of Haiti out of the rubble and give the Haitian people a better life. More information can be found at www.jphro.org

Recycled Cardboard Ring Toss


Ring toss is one of our all-time favorite carnival games! This recycled cardboard ring toss craft has a glittery new twist–perfect for throwing a modern day carnival in your own backyard.


What you will need:

Straight stick or branch


Empty wrapping paper roll (or any thick-sided cardboard insert)


Spray adhesive

Exacto knife (adults only, please!)

Two circular objects in two different sizes for tracing (we used a paper plate and a small bowl)


Step 1: Trace the larger object onto the cardboard.


Step 2: Cut out the cardboard circle with scissors.


Step 3: Trace the smaller circular object onto your cardboard circle.


Step 4: Cut out the inner circle using the Exacto knife.



Step 5: Spray one side of each cardboard ring with adhesive.


Step 6: Pour on glitter. Cover the rings thoroughly and shake to remove excess glitter.


Step 7: Plant your stick or branch into the ground and place the cardboard roll over it. Now get your ring toss game on!


Carnival Lion Craft


Get into the carnival mood with our awesome carnival lion craft (no tamer required!) Download our free template to create these sweet paper lions…then wheel them pretty much anywhere to bring a little carnival magic to your house.


What you will need:


Crayons or markers

Paper clips


Carnival Lion template…click here to download and print!


Step 1: Print out the carnival lion template onto cardstock.

Step 2: Color in the lions and the wheels with your favorite colors using crayons, color pencils, or markers!lion1ED

Step 3: Cut out the shapes with scissors.



Step 4: Take a paper clip and flatten it out, leaving just the end bent into a hook shape.


Step 5: Poke a hole in the center of the wheel and feed the paper clip from the backside, pulling all the way through until the hook catches the paper.




Step 6: Fold the tab on the lion back and slip it under the flat part of the paper clip on the front side of the wheel.


Step 7: Take a piece of tape and roll it so that it becomes double-sided.

Step 8: Stick the tape on tab of the lion, making sure the paper clip is secured inside.

Step 9: Fold the lion down against the wheel and press to stick together.


Step 10:  Now you can hold the end of the paper clip and wheel your lion around for some awesome carnival fun!


God’s Eye Craft


It’s still just days from Halloween, but we’re already thinking holidays in my house! This easy, backyard god’s eye craft is a great activity for little ones who love making their own holiday gifts. It’s one of my favorites because it reminds me of my summer camp crafting days. Pick out some beautiful yarns, gather a handful of twigs, and get started!


What you will need:

Twigs or small branches

Yarn in different colors



Step 1: Using scissors, cut your twigs or branches so you have two equal-sized pieces for each god’s eye (ours are 5″ long.)


Step 2: Starting with your first color of yarn, hold the sticks perpendicular to each other and secure together with a knot.


Step 3: Take the yarn and, working in a circle, stretch over the first stick. Loop the yarn around and then under the next stick. Repeat in circles, working until you have the desired amount of your first color.




Step 4: When you’re ready to change colors, tie a double knot connecting the first yarn color to the next color. Cut off excess, and resume your weaving.


Step 5: Continue with as many colors as you want! When you’re through, simply tie a knot to secure the final piece of yarn.



DIY Slumber Party Sleep Mask


We love slumber parties! To keep the sleepover party spirit going this week, we’re making DIY Slumber Party Sleep Masks–so when the whispering, giggling and midnight feasts are finally through, everyone can sneak in some peaceful ZZs.


What you will need:



Elastic ribbon


Black felt-tip marker

Cardboard or heavy card stock


Step 1: Draw your mask’s shape onto the cardboard or card stock and cut out with scissors.


Step 2: Using the cardboard as a stencil, trace around the mask onto the felt using the marker.


Step 3: Cut out the felt mask and make a small slit on either side (this is where you’ll thread your elastic ribbon.)


Step 4: Thread ribbon through the slits and tie knots to secure. Now slip over your slumber party guests’ eyes and lull them off the dreamland!


Halloween Shadow Puppets


We’re celebrating all things spooky this week at Moonfrye! My girls are having a blast putting on spooky shows with our awesome Halloween shadow puppets. Use our downloadable template to make your own! We used Halloween-colored paper drinking straws for our shadow puppets, but craft sticks or even twigs from your own backyard also work great.


What you will need:

Paper drinking straws in Halloween colors

Black card stock

Spooky Halloween Shadow Puppet template (click here to download!)


Exacto knife (adults only, please!)



Step 1: Print out the shadow puppet template onto the black cardstock.

Step 2: Cut out the outline of the shapes with scissors, using an Exacto knife for smaller details on the inside.



Step 3: Attach each puppet to a drinking straw with glue and allow to dry.


Step 4: Use your puppets to create a spooky Halloween show!