Inspiring creativity…every day.

At Moonfrye, we believe the parenting journey is made up of all kinds of moments. Big, small, happy, sad, messy, beautiful…the kind of moments that make raising a family an adventure in “happy chaos” every single day. Our mission is to support the parenting journey with tools, inspirations and community to make every day an opportunity for families to explore, create and play together.

Celebrating the journey, not the destination

At Moonfrye, we are passionate about giving families unique, simple and time-effective ways to get creative together. From our innovative photo app that lets families capture, decorate and share their memories to our interactive DIY projects, we are committed to inspiring and celebrating the creative process.

Two Women, One Vision

Founded by Kara Nortman and Soleil Moon Frye, Moonfrye believes in bringing expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to the workplace while celebrating individual passions, whether they are coaching Little League, a love for roller coasters, or competing in triathlons. Our unique company culture centers around “living out loud” and a shared passion for creating groundbreaking, inspiring digital and physical products.

Meet our team

  • SoleilSoleil – Founder/Chief Creative Officer

    Soleil is responsible for bringing you fresh, compelling content and her creative vision, with lots of “happy chaos” mixed in. She also hosts Home Made Simple.

  • KaraKara – Founder/CEO

    As the CEO of Moonfrye, Kara sets the company vision, inspires the team and keeps the lights on, all while cleaning paint from her kids’ clothes.

  • AaronAaron – Marketing/Development

    Aaron is the bridge between marketing, strategy, and engineering at Moonfrye. When he’s not trying to figure out how to make you love us, he’s frantically chasing his toddler around the house or across a park.

  • AshleyAshley – Design

    Designer, contributor, snapshooter… Ashley keeps herself fairly busy. She’s responsible for bringing you a great visual experience, so send all design complaints her way :)

  • HillaryHillary – Marketing

    Hillary has learned all she knows from working in the entertainment industry and training as a therapist. Perfect for emphasizing the happy, while downplaying the chaos.

  • ContributorJenny – Editorial

    Jenny manages editorial content for Moonfrye. The rest of the time, she’s juggling writing, motherhood and giant cups of coffee…mostly all at once.  Visit her blog here.

  • JCJuan Carlos – Engineering

    Juan Carlos is in charge of all things tech at Moonfrye. He’s a special FX, Dad DIY, passionate-about-science-and-art rockstar in progress, and a huge Beatles fan. Follow him on Twitter.

  • KyleKyle – Product

    Kyle works on defining and expanding Product at Moonfrye. When he’s not wrangling kids, he’s posting on his blog.

  • VinnyVinny – Developer

    Vinny lives in Los Angeles and has joined the team to help develop the core infrastructure at Moonfrye. In his free time he is either playing soccer, fishing or developing new projects.

Meet our contributors

  • ContributorSophia Rossi – Contributor
  • ContributorJenni Kayne – Contributor
  • ContributorJane Buckingham – Contributor
  • ContributorSean Bonner – Contributor
  • ContributorAlecia Spendlove – Contributor
  • ContributorChaunie Brusie – Contributor
  • ContributorElizabeth Flora Ross – Contributor
  • ContributorGalit Breen – Contributor
  • ContributorHillary Fogelson – Contributor
  • ContributorIlse Ackermann – Contributor
  • ContributorKatie Hurley – Contributor
  • ContributorKerry Lyons – Contributor
  • ContributorKimberly Muller – Contributor
  • ContributorLacy Stroessner – Contributor
  • ContributorLaura Rossi Totten – Contributor
  • ContributorLisa Rowe – Contributor
  • ContributorMeeno Peluce – Contributor
  • ContributorSteph Calvert – Contributor
  • ContributorSuzanne Perryman – Contributor


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