Pom Pom Beanie


We love beanies in my house! Not only are they the perfect cold weather accessory for winter sports and play, but they make any outfit look extra fabulous. To personalize our beanies and give them a pop of color, we love this pom pom beanie craft that lets every member of your household make their beanie unique. Enjoy!


What you will need:

Brightly colored yarn

Knit beanie (any type)


Yarn needle (if needed)


Step 1: Begin by wrapping the loose end of a ball of yarn evenly around four of your fingers. Continue wrapping until the entire ball of yarn has been used.


Step 2: Carefully take the yarn off your hand making sure to not let it unwind! Using a separate piece of yarn tie a double knot around the center of the bunch, perpendicular to the way the yarn has been wound.


Step 3: Using scissors, cut open the yarn loops on both sides of the knot. Make sure you cut straight down the center to ensure that the yarn is equal in length on all sides. Now open up the pom pom and cut away any excess yarn!


Step 4: Using the two pieces of yarn holding the pom pom together, string each one through the top of the knit beanie. We used our fingers because our beanie was a loose knit, but if your hat is tightly woven you can do this with a yarn needle.


Step 5: Flip the beanie inside out and tie a double knot to secure it. Cut away the extra pieces of yarn.


Step 6: Flip your beanie back right side in. Now you’re ready to wear and enjoy!


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