Moon Craft


Our celebration of all things space continues this week on Moonfrye! The moon is so magical…there’s nothing like staring up into the night sky to see the moon rising. With our easy DIY moon craft, you can bring a little lunar magic into your house without needing to wait for the sun to set. Super easy, messy and fun…we love this craft to the moon and back!


What you will need:

White glue (you’ll need the whole bottle)

1 1/2 cups shaving cream


Thick cardboard (the side of a cardboard shipping box works great.)




Mixing bowl



Step 1: Pour glue into the mixing bowl.


Step 2: Add shaving cream and stir, mixing well.



Step 3: Using your fingers, spread mixture over your piece of cardboard and allow to dry.



Step 4: Cut out whatever moon shape you want (crescent, half, full, etc.) with scissors.


Step 5: With a threaded needle, pierce a whole at the top of your moon and bring thread through, tying into a loop.


Step 6: Your moon craft is complete! Hang somewhere special and enjoy!


11 Replies to “Moon Craft”

  1. I bet this would be a good thing to hang over a crib or a changing table. It would go nicely with that popular turtle toy that projects stars onto the ceiling.

  2. I never knew mixing glue and shaving cream created such a great textured look. I’m eager to try this and to see what other great things we can make (ie: planets, stars, snowmen)! Perhaps adding food coloring to this could be fun too.

  3. Yes, Courtney! I tried it in my child’s room and they love it! It was such a fun and simple craft to do that provides hours of enjoyment! Messy crafting is the best type of crafting.

  4. This is so cool!!! By adding different colors of food coloring you can make a whole solar system! Great idea for a school project!!

  5. My niece and I did this project together and instead of making the moon and planets, we made flowers, birds, bees, butterflies…you name it! We used all the same steps as above but added in food coloring and our shapes to cut out. As long as you can cut the shape, you can pretty much make anything with this technique!

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