DIY Spray Paint


My girls love using bright splashes of color to personalize their art work. Lately, street art has been a huge source of inspiration in our house! Your kids will have a blast making their very own grafitti art with our super easy DIY spray paint! Just mix, spray, and create street-art style masterpieces of your very own. Enjoy!


What you will need:

Travel size spray bottles



Kraft or butcher paper



Step 1: Pour paint and water into bottles, using a ratio of two tablespoons of paint for every tablespoon of water.



Step 2: Shake well to mix.


Step 3: Using a stencil, paint a word, name or expression onto the paper, leaving the paper on the roll.


Step 4: Thread twine through the center of the paper roll and hang (we did ours in the backyard.) This makes it easy to rip off each spray paint masterpiece and begin a new one!


Step 5: Spray away to create your street art-inspired masterpiece!



8 Replies to “DIY Spray Paint”

  1. Love this one. Super open ended. I’d have the kids go crazy with the stencils before hanging the Kraft paper up. I bet the tricky part will be knowing when to stop spraying the water to avoid holes in the paper. Will def do this one. We are super into letter stencils right now…

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! Brings me back to the 80’s and how much fun it was to tie dye shirts. This is a much easier, cleaner way of doing things!!!!

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