5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special


Photo credit to Meeno Peluce from Let’s Get This Party Started by Soleil Moon Frye

Thanksgiving is one of our very favorite holidays. What could be better than a celebration of family, friendship, gratitude…plus lots of delicious foods and party-perfect decorations? Check out some of the ways we love to make our Thanksgiving holiday extra special! And for even more fun, simple ideas for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration, don’t forget to check out Soleil’s new book Let’s Get This Party Started!

Create, Color, Decorate

Using magazines, online templates or good old-fashioned crayons, let your kids get in on the decorating fun and have them create holiday masterpieces to make your holiday home look even more beautiful. Not only will they feel proud when your guests ooh and ahh, but you may even find the time to make an extra batch of world-famous mashed potatoes.

Make a Thankful Tree

Cut out construction paper leaves, punch a hole in each one, and distribute to family members. Gather a branch from your back yard and tie on several loops of ribbon or yarn. Once a day, talk about the things you’re thankful (you might be surprised at some of the answers!), write them on a leaf, and hang to your branch. By the time Thanksgiving comes, you’ll have a “tree” full of wonderful reminders of all the things your family is grateful for.

Give Back

A big part of being thankful is giving back to our community and helping people who are less fortunate. Getting involved in helping others on Thanksgiving can be a meaningful and treasured family tradition. Look for food drives, shelters and community centers in your own neighborhoods…the busy holiday season guarantees they’ll need extra helping hands.

Cook Family Favorites Together

Time together in the kitchen is one of the best parts of the holidays! Even little ones can help measure ingredients for baking yummy desserts. And let older kids try their hand at creating new holiday menu items…search recipe books, magazines and websites for new dishes that look interesting and use fresh, local ingredients. Who knows…this year’s culinary experiments just might become Thanksgiving family favorites!

Practice Gratitude

one of Soleil’s favorites:

Remembering all the things we’re thankful for is a huge part of our Thanksgiving tradition. First, each family member makes list of things they’re grateful for. Then we have a blast going on a nature walk adventure to find small, smooth stones (or we gather them up right in our own backyard!) We write each item from our lists onto a stone using a gold glitter pen. Collect them in a simple vase for an easy, meaningful centerpiece!

thanksgiving1EDPhoto credit to Meeno Peluce from Let’s Get This Party Started by Soleil Moon Frye

12 Replies to “5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special”

  1. Love the Thansgiving tree. At our family Thanksgiving dinner this year I will make the tree and hang a photo of each guest on it. I will then have colored construction paper leaves available nd ask each guest to write a sentence about what they are grateful for. I am planning on hanging this up in the dining room! If anyone is inclined I will ask one of the kids to read leaves of gratitude aloud. Hope this works, will keep you posted.

    1. Denise, We truly love how you’re making this idea your own! Leaves of gratitude sounds like a new tradition in the making! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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