DIY Place Cards


Fall parties are in full swing. Whether you’re planning an autumn feast or thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, these DIY place cards are the perfect addition to your holiday table…there’s no easier way to make your guests feel extra special!


What you will need:

White or cream-colored card stock, cut into 4″X 6″ pieces

Fall leaf cutouts (available at craft stores)




Wooden craft sticks




Step 1: Cut craft sticks into pieces the length of your leaf cut outs.



Step 2: Glue the wood pieces to the back of the cut outs. You’ll need one leaf for each color you want to use.



Step 3: Paint the front of your leaf cutouts.


Step 4: Using leaf cut out as a stamp, press one leaf onto each piece of card stock.



Step 5: Using marker, write each guest’s name on a place card.


Step 6: Set your place cards on the Thanksgiving table and make your guests feel special!


15 Replies to “DIY Place Cards”

  1. Love this idea! My five year old makes custom place cards for a family dinner once a week. It has become part of her “setting the table” process. Sometimes it is just cut up pieces of white paper we fold in half and write the names of the family member in attendance. Other times, she will adorn the place cards with her favorite stickers or little pictures that coincide with the food being served. This activity has not just made her feel like a proud contributor to the family meal, but it is teaching her how to read and write!

  2. Love this idea! You could save them and add them to scrapbook with Thanksgiving photos. One year we went outside and got lots of different color leaves to decorate our table with. Later we pressed them and uses them in scrapbook pages!

  3. This is just a perfect way to personalize our feast. I’m gonna see if it works with real leaves. My kiddos love collecting leaves in the backyard.

  4. These are so special and will make any table so personalized. I can even have my toddler help stamp the prints. Any non-toxic kiddy paint you recommend?

    1. MK, We really hope you and your little one have a great time making these! As for non-toxic paint, Crayola will always have good non-toxic options! Be sure to check the label!

  5. I think this is such a great, creative idea to get the kids involved while you are busy planning a dinner party. They are always wanting to help but mostly just getting in the way so this is great to keep them occupied!!!!

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