Make Your Own Fall Leaf Masks


These adorable make-your-own fall leaf masks are simple, fast and festive. Celebrate the autumn season by throwing your very own fall masquerade!


What you will need:

Our free downloadable mask template: click here to print!

Craft leaves (or go on an adventure and collect your own!)


Heavy card stock




Step 1: Print out the mask template onto card stock and cut out with scissors.

Step 2: Arrange your leaves on the mask and glue each one separately.



Step 3: Cut away the eye holes of your mask.


Step 4: Make two small holes where indicated and thread ribbon through, tying a knot to secure. Leave loose ends of each ribbon to dangle, making sure the pieces are long enough to tie into a bow.


Step 5: Wear your fall leaf mask with some autumn pride!


4 Replies to “Make Your Own Fall Leaf Masks”

  1. Moonfrye is AMAZING for providing cut-outs on most of their projects where one is needed! Makes the crafting so much easier and less stressful! This is my favorite craft of the year so far! So creative!!!!

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