Leaf Mobile


Turn an impromptu fall treasure hunt around your neighborhood into an afternoon craft activity with our gorgeous and simple leaf mobile project! Get the whole family involved in hunting for leaves in interesting shapes and colors, then create fall decorations you’ll enjoy all season long.


What you will need:


Hole punch



Manzanita craft branch (available at Michael’s stores or online)


Step 1: Collect leaves from your backyard or neighborhood.

Step 2: Using the hole punch, punch a hole at the bottom of each leaf directly above the stem.



Step 3: Cut twine in varying lengths and attach strand to each leaf.



Step 4: Tie twine strands onto the Manzanita branch.


Step 5: Hang and enjoy the beauty of fall leaves right in your home!


8 Replies to “Leaf Mobile”

  1. Perfect project to do as a fam with the 2 yr included. We are doing this as soon as I get a manzanita branch. I wonder if I can order one on Amazon?

    1. ML, Yes Amazon, Ebay and a number of online retailers will have them! Although they should sell them at a Michael’s too! Good Luck with the craft!

  2. I think this is a great craft for all parts of the world, even if you don’t have a real “fall”. Crafting supply stores will always have fall colored leaves so even if you can’t find the real ones, you can make a mobile to create the fall feeling!!!!

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