Clothespin Airplane Craft


We’re celebrating airplanes this week at Moonfrye! Looking to go someplace far away (without leaving your own backyard?) This simple clothespin airplane craft is the perfect way to take off for a new imaginary destination!


What you will need:

Wooden clothespins

Popsicle sticks, thin and wide

Acrylic paint




Step 1: Choose a color for the body of your airplane and paint a clothespin.


Step 2: Paint one thin and one wide popsicle stick in the same color to create “wings.”


Step 3: Using a small paintbrush, pain stripes on the wings with a contrasting color.


Step 4: Glue wings to clothespin base. Now you’re ready to fly!


6 Replies to “Clothespin Airplane Craft”

    1. Mascro, absolutely! We love repurposing household items into easy and accessible crafts here at Moonfrye–be sure to stay tuned for even more crafts with clothespins!

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