Fun Fall Activities


The air is crisp, the leaves are falling…it’s fall, and we couldn’t be happier about it here at Moonfrye! These fun fall activities are awesome ways to celebrate the season with your family.

Go on a Fall Treasure Hunt

Pinecones, colorful leaves, gorgeous fall fruits like apples and pumpkins…fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy everything nature has to offer. A simple walk around the neighborhood collecting pinecones can turn into a perfect table centerpiece–just arrange them in a pretty glass bowl or vase when you’re through.

Pumpkins, Apples and Pies…Oh My!

Visit a local farm or orchard to make the most of the season’s harvest. Your family will have a blast picking fruit together, and your little bakers will be thrilled with fresh ingredients for pies, muffins and other sweet treats!

Discover Knitting

Long before there was Rainbow Loom, there were good old-fashioned knitting needles. Is there anything cozier than fall sweaters and hats? Sitting around and learning to knit comes close! Little ones as young as eight can learn to knit a scarf, and older kids can try their hands at hats or mittens. Take a trip to a yarn store together to pick out some soft vibrant wools, or turn it into an opportunity to reuse and recycle by unraveling old sweaters from your closet or your local thrift shop.

Cozy Up with a Book

Fall is the perfect time to make reading a family habit. Make a trip to your local library to choose some new favorites and take turns reading aloud from each family member’s picks. Or snuggle up with hot chocolate and introduce your kids to the most-loved books from your own childhood!

Plant Something for Tomorrow

Fall is a great time to plant in your garden…bulbs that go in the ground now will turn into beautiful flowers come springtime. Irises, tulips and daffodils are all great fall bulb choices. Your family will love watching their hard work come to life when the ground starts to thaw next year.

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