Carnival Lion Craft


Get into the carnival mood with our awesome carnival lion craft (no tamer required!) Download our free template to create these sweet paper lions…then wheel them pretty much anywhere to bring a little carnival magic to your house.


What you will need:


Crayons or markers

Paper clips


Carnival Lion template…click here to download and print!


Step 1: Print out the carnival lion template onto cardstock.

Step 2: Color in the lions and the wheels with your favorite colors using crayons, color pencils, or markers!lion1ED

Step 3: Cut out the shapes with scissors.



Step 4: Take a paper clip and flatten it out, leaving just the end bent into a hook shape.


Step 5: Poke a hole in the center of the wheel and feed the paper clip from the backside, pulling all the way through until the hook catches the paper.




Step 6: Fold the tab on the lion back and slip it under the flat part of the paper clip on the front side of the wheel.


Step 7: Take a piece of tape and roll it so that it becomes double-sided.

Step 8: Stick the tape on tab of the lion, making sure the paper clip is secured inside.

Step 9: Fold the lion down against the wheel and press to stick together.


Step 10:  Now you can hold the end of the paper clip and wheel your lion around for some awesome carnival fun!


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