God’s Eye Craft


It’s still just days from Halloween, but we’re already thinking holidays in my house! This easy, backyard god’s eye craft is a great activity for little ones who love making their own holiday gifts. It’s one of my favorites because it reminds me of my summer camp crafting days. Pick out some beautiful yarns, gather a handful of twigs, and get started!


What you will need:

Twigs or small branches

Yarn in different colors



Step 1: Using scissors, cut your twigs or branches so you have two equal-sized pieces for each god’s eye (ours are 5″ long.)


Step 2: Starting with your first color of yarn, hold the sticks perpendicular to each other and secure together with a knot.


Step 3: Take the yarn and, working in a circle, stretch over the first stick. Loop the yarn around and then under the next stick. Repeat in circles, working until you have the desired amount of your first color.




Step 4: When you’re ready to change colors, tie a double knot connecting the first yarn color to the next color. Cut off excess, and resume your weaving.


Step 5: Continue with as many colors as you want! When you’re through, simply tie a knot to secure the final piece of yarn.



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