DIY Slumber Party Sleep Mask


We love slumber parties! To keep the sleepover party spirit going this week, we’re making DIY Slumber Party Sleep Masks–so when the whispering, giggling and midnight feasts are finally through, everyone can sneak in some peaceful ZZs.


What you will need:



Elastic ribbon


Black felt-tip marker

Cardboard or heavy card stock


Step 1: Draw your mask’s shape onto the cardboard or card stock and cut out with scissors.


Step 2: Using the cardboard as a stencil, trace around the mask onto the felt using the marker.


Step 3: Cut out the felt mask and make a small slit on either side (this is where you’ll thread your elastic ribbon.)


Step 4: Thread ribbon through the slits and tie knots to secure. Now slip over your slumber party guests’ eyes and lull them off the dreamland!


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