Special Guest Blog by Claire Bamundo: My NYC Adventures With Soleil


We are excited to present this guest blog from Soleil’s incredible book publicist at Abrams, Claire Bamundo. Thank you Claire!

We had a whirlwind New York adventure launching LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! From our slumber party on the Today Show, to a Halloween crafting table replete with a caramel apple bar (with toppings) on The View, to stamped baseballs and customized jerseys on Fox & Friends, it was incredible to see the book come to life.


I admit I had one of those ‘pinch me’ moments when they projected photos of the 80’s chapter, jewelry party and rainbow chapter on huge big screens surrounding The View stage. I had flashbacks of when Soleil fist met with us with her book idea– PowerPoint in hand–and now the finished product, up there in lights, literally!



We went from studio to studio stopping by fabulous media outlets from Watch What Happens Live to VHI Morning Buzz to Us Weekly! I don’t know how Soleil had the energy to be so excited and completely gracious through it all, but she looked like a lovely and glowing mommy to be. The bright colors she wore really sang on screen.


An added bonus was meeting some fabulous people along the way. Gavin DeGraw became our new best friend backstage at Today Show. He chatted so long that I was convinced that Soleil had known him for years, so you can imagine my amazement when she told me it was her first time meeting him. A more laid-back, down-earth-guy cannot be found. What a gem he is!


I am a huge TLC fan girl, so it was so surreal to meet Chilli backstage at The View. We are all addicted to the new VH1 movie  ‘Crazy Sexy Cool.’ I was dancing in the green room when they performed “No Scrubs.” I had major college dorm room flashbacks. What a brilliant song. “If you don’t have a car and you’re walking, oh yes son, I’m talking to you.” Forever Classic!


We also had a major sugar overload with good cause, some fabulous local bloggers joined us at Sprinkles cupcakes at an awesome event hosted by our friends at Target. We got to make our own s’mores from the book, while chatting about how to deal when your children get the stomach flu and other challenging mommy issues. Target gifted everyone with amazing take home kits from Kid Made Modern and of course the Target Special edition of LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


Speaking of names of food, The  Apple store invited Soleil to discuss the moonfrye app and the eBook at their SOHO store. Today Show host Willie Geist had a great time moderating, the audience was enchanted by the whole thing. Can’t wait to download the podcast on iTunes!

One of my personal highlights was bringing Soleil to my hometown in Darien, CT where Barrett Bookstore (open since 1939!) hosted a lovely event filled with champagne, and an enthusiastic and engaged crowd of fans (and tons of my friends!) that grew up with Punky and are now sharing the show with their daughters. My sons Dyaln (3) and Luke (1) loved meeting Soleil. It was a very special evening that I will always remember.


On our last day of New York media, we had a great visit with Huffington Post Live. Our dressing room had an amazing pillow with giant lips and the walls were lined with 80’s vintage album covers on the wall. I felt like I was 8 again, listening to Bon Jovi and watching Punky Brewster :)

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