DIY Sock Bubble Maker


No matter how old my girls get (and it feels like they’re getting bigger by the minute these days!) they never get tired of blowing bubbles…and neither do I! This DIY sock bubble maker craft (made with a recycled water bottle!) is the perfect way to take your bubble blowing to the next level with lots of color, lots of bubbles and lots of fun. Warning–this craft can get messy…but we thought it was totally worth it!


What you will need:



Food coloring

Dishwashing liquid


Bowl or container

Empty water bottle


Step 1: Using scissors, carefully cut the bottom off of your water bottle.


Step 2: Slide your sock over the open end of the bottle. If the sock is loose, secure with a rubber band or hair elastic.


Step 3: Place a few drops of food coloring (you can use different colors) on the bottom of your bubble maker. Make sure to space them out!


Step 4: Mix together a few tablespoons of dish soap and a little bit of water in your bowl or container.


Step 5: Dip the end of your sock bubble maker into the bubble solution…and blow!



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