Rainbow Roses


Roses are beautiful just as they are…but since we are celebrating all things rainbow this week, my girls and I couldn’t resist doing this awesome, colorful rainbow roses craft! Just let the blooms soak for a day, and you’ll soon have beautiful rainbow-hued flowers to enjoy. Or use them as decor for your next rainbow-themed bash…they are sure to inspire lots of oohs and ahhs!


What you will need:

White or pale pink roses, stems intact

Food coloring

Mason jars

Sharp knife (adults only, please!)


Step 1: Place a drop of food coloring into each jar, using one jar per color. For deeper color, use more food coloring.



Step 2: Using a sharp knife, carefully slice each rose stem into three separate parts, stopping halfway up the stem.


Step 3: Carefully place each stem part into a mason jar–the colors will travel up the stem sections to color different petals!


Step 4: Allow roses to soak in the mason jars for 24 hours. Then take your rainbow roses out and enjoy!


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