DIY Clothespin Safari Animals


It’s safari week at Moonfrye! Going on safari is definitely on my family’s bucket list…we love animals and dream of one day being able to see them in their natural environment. In the meantime, we came up with this easy DIY clothespin safari animals craft to bring some animal magic right to your own backyard!


What you will need:

Our safari animal printable template! Click here to print.

Heavy card stock


Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

Small wooden clothespins

Moss (available in craft and gardening/home improvement stores)


Step 1: Print out the animal template onto card stock.

Step 2: Carefully cut out each animal (this might be job for grown ups, or big kids with steady hands.)


Step 3: Decorate and paint each animal.


Step 4: Attach clothespin “legs.”


Step 5: Use moss to create a habitat for your animals. Now you’re ready to go on your very own safari adventure!

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