Magic Bottles


My girls are in love with these sparkly, whimsical magic bottles! They are super easy to create and make a great craft or favor for your next Midsummer Night celebration…or any party at all! Change up the confetti to create unique looks for different occasions. These adorable magic bottles are a crowd pleaser no matter what your theme is!


What you will need:

Glass or plastic bottles with screw tops




Metallic confetti (multi-colored confetti works best!)


Step 1: Fill bottles with water. Add a few drops of glycerin to each.


Step 2: Add glitter and confetti to each bottle and replace the tops.



Step 3: Shake your bottle up and down to make the magic happen!


3 Replies to “Magic Bottles”

  1. I love throwing an outdoor dinner party – and this is yet ANOTHER idea I can use for a centerpiece – and get the kiddos involved at the same time. Thanks for your genius!

    1. Jon, So happy we could inspire some creative ideas for one of your outdoor parties! This is truly such a fun craft to do with the kids!

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