Flashback Friday: ’80s Neon Splatter Paint Shoes


It’s no secret that I love that 80s, so I was especially excited to spruce up my girls’ shoes with this flashback Friday neon splatter paint craft. It may get a little messy, but what’s crafting without a little extra paint everywhere? So grab your neon paint, turn on some ’80s tunes and get ready for some splattering fun.


What you will need:
Neon colored acrylic paint
Shoes (We picked up ours at Target)
Paint brushes
Craft paper

Step 1: To keep the mess under control, protect a large work surface with craft paper.
Step 2: Dip your paintbrush in the first color, making sure it is thoroughly coated with lots of excess paint.
Step 3: Aim your brush at the shoes and use short, strong flicking motions to get a splatter effect.

Step 4: Add new paint colors, using a new brush every time.

Step 5: Allow to dry, then enjoy your new ’80s-fabulous footwear!

One Reply to “Flashback Friday: ’80s Neon Splatter Paint Shoes”

  1. My daughter’s speech therapist cracked up the other day when she showed SB a photo to get her to make a sound and my 4yo said, “Is that from the 80s?” Been playing w/the Moonfrye app QUITE a bit… ;)

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