Cardboard Turntable Necklace


This week at Moonfrye we are celebrating all things DJ…and what better way to get in the music mixing spirit than with these super cute recycled cardboard turntable necklaces? My girls had a blast painting their own turntable necklaces and giving them to friends. Next step? Rocking their new necklaces on the dance floor!


What you will need:

Heavy box cardboard



Pink, white and black paint



Step 1: Cut cardboard into squares, approximately 2-2.5″ each.


Step 2: Paint one side of each square with the background color of your choice (pink or white.)


Step 3: With a small brush, paint a black border around the edge of each cardboard square.


Step 4: Add “turntable” decorations to the inside of each square. Or get creative and draw a record, headphones,or any other DJ essential.


Step 4: Cut twine to desired lengths for necklaces and thread through the cardboard. Tie necklaces into bows around each child’s neck to fasten.


Now it’s time for a dance party!

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