Watercolor Art for All Ages


Every mom has days when she feels inspired. After a couple early morning hours cruising Pinterest, and a quick trip to the crafts store to gather cool supplies, it’s a breeze! And there are those other times; times for just family and lazy summer afternoons, times when you want low muss-no-fuss times, but still you are hoping for high impact. We had one of those the other day, my girls and I. Here is what we came up with!
his project requires few supplies , so it is also easy to take on the go- to the beach house or family cabin.

Family rating: Ages 3-100
Bonus: This technique is especially pretty, framed as wall art. Choose complimentary colors if you have wall art in mind.

What you will need:

  • Crayons – light & medium  colors work best
  • Watercolors- go dark and experiment with different colors for effect.
  • White Sheets of 8 x11 Card Stock
  • small size foam brush or large watercolor brush ( For younger kids, or faster projects go larger on brush size)
  • A couple bowls of water and paper towels for clean-up

First Zoe drew her original art design. White color crayon was a little too tough to see on  the card stock, so she switched to pale pastel. I helped her outline some art until she was pleased with the general look of her drawing.

Next she chose different colors of watercolor paint and had a fun time painting over the drawing and discovering how vibrant her crayon drawings became. She kept switching colors and ended up liking the chalkboard effect of different colors combining to make a lighter black. Framed in black, this artwork looks awesome on the wall!

Get the whole family involved, create and discover your own chalkboard effect amazing art!

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