DIY Paper Wrapped Pencils


Is there anything better than freshly sharpened pencils for a new school year? Yes…custom made DIY paper wrapped pencils! My girls and I love this simple, super fun craft. It takes just minutes to create beautiful, unique pencils that are sure to stand out from the crowd when your little ones head back to school.


What you will need:


Decorative paper scraps

Mod Podge



Foam brush


Step 1: Measure the pencils with the ruler and cut strips of paper accordingly, matching the length of the pencil.


Step 2: Spread Mod Podge onto the paper using the foam brush.


Step 3: Roll the pencil into the paper, using an extra stripe of Mod Podge at the seam to seal.


Step 4: Allow to dry for one hour.

Step 5: Sharpen and enjoy!


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