How to Create Salt Art


There’s so much to savor here.

Sun slicing through open windows.

One Direction playing.

Hot coffee.

Facing my three, in a small space.

It’s quiet in here.

The kind of quiet that allows me to notice and appreciate and savor them.

One tugs at her hair when she thinks. Another firms her eyes, her cheeks, and her lips as she works. And the third sticks his tongue through his teeth as he decides what to do next.

Sometimes, like when they’re sleeping or reading or even watching TV, the quiet forces my noticing, my adoring, my loving, and I’m so very grateful for it.

Just for that, this project is a win.

(It’s also lovely and sweet and a total fine motor gem. But that’s the teacher in me talking.)

How to Create Salt Art

What you will need:

A tray

Strong paper

White glue

Coarse salt

Small containers of water with 6-9 drops of food coloring in each

Eye droppers


Place the paper on the tray and draw a design on it with the glue.
Generously cover the design with salt, shake off excess salt onto your tray and into an extra bowl, and then repeat covering any bare spots.
Allow the salt to dry a bit.
Using the droppers (or wet paint brushes), drop colorful water onto the salt art.

The color travels, it’s like magic. Quiet magic, which is quite golden. Warning: Some of the salt may fall off of the paper when you pick it up. But that’s okay, right? Sometimes the quiet and the pretty and the noticing trump everything else.

4 Replies to “How to Create Salt Art”

  1. I absolutely love projects like this, which take art & curiosity and merge them…the way all really good art does. We’re still at a beach house & rain is predicted for tomorrow. Guess what we’ll be doing?

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