Mushroom Bookmarks


As I have mentioned, my four year-old daughter is currently in to fairies, particularly Tinkerbell. So when she saw a copy of Disney Fairies magazine (Did you know there was such a thing?) in the grocery store recently featuring her favorite fairy, she began to beg.

No, this wasn’t during THAT trip to the grocery store. She had been very good on this particular visit, and in general over the past few weeks. So I said she could have the magazine.

Once we got home and I had put away the groceries, we sat down together to read it. She loved the stories and games, and went absolutely nuts over a craft in the issue.

We had a play date scheduled later that day with her best friend. My daughter breathlessly announced she wanted them to make the craft together. Fortunately, we had all the materials already.


What you’ll need:

Construction paper – colored and white


A pencil


Glitter glue

(In addition to glitter glue, my daughter and her friend chose to color their bookmarks with markers)


Choose two different colors of construction paper, cut into squares.

Draw a mushroom cap on one piece and cut it out.

Trace the same shape on the other paper and cut that out.

Draw circles on the paper you want to place on top, cut them out.

Glue over other mushroom cap piece.

With the white paper, make two identical mushroom stem shapes.

On the upper part of one, draw a line about half an inch from the top edge.

Spread glue on the area above the line.

Lay the second stem on top of the first, so it’s upper part attaches to the first stem.


Glue the double stem to the mushroom cap.

Decorate as you wish.

The reason the finished product (above) looks so different from the in process photos is because it was FAR too chaotic during the play date to get any photos. I had to go back and take some for the purposes of this post.

My daughter is very happy with her bookmark, and uses it to save the page she is currently using in her new journal. I’ll be telling you more about that soon…

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