DIY Personalized Switch Plates


Why stick with plain old white when you can create your very own DIY personalized switch plates? With this easy, kid-friendly craft, your family can create their own light switch and outlet covers in any color of the rainbow. Turning a switch will never be the same again!


What you will need:

Plain white plastic switch or outlet covers (available online or at your local hardware store)

Washi tape (we love this Kids Made Modern set from Target)

Exacto knife (adults only, please!)


Step 1: Using washi tape, cover the light switch plate in strips.



Step 2: Flip the plate over and use an Exacto knife to remove tape from the switch hole. Make sure you use a cutting board or a piece of cardboard underneath to protect your work surface.


Step 3: Turn the plate over again. Using your fingers, smooth any rough edges toward the inside of the plate.

Step 4: Replace your existing light switch or outlet plates with your very own personalized creations!

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