Creative Food Play: DIY Colored Pasta Art


As a mom of an art-living two year-old, we are doing projects every single day. This means that I have to constantly think of new ideas so that my daughter doesn’t get bored with the same old coloring book and crayons. I’m a big fan of using items around the house when it’s time to make something. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on art supplies, so reusing or repurposing things is great!

Believe it or not, the kitchen is a great place to find art supplies! From empty jars and containers to leftover dried beans and pasta, you have yourself the makings of a masterpiece. This pasta art was an absolute hit with my toddler. In fact, she still asks to make “noodles.” The best part about this one is that you probably already have all of the supplies!


What you will need:

2-3 different kinds of dried pasta
Food coloring
Plastic baggies
Construction paper


First, divide your dried pasta into a few different plastic baggies. Add 2-3 drops of food coloring to each bag. Remove most of the air and seal shut. Shake the bags around until the food coloring is distributed and the pasta is colored. Then, allow the pasta to dry on a baking sheet.

When the pasta is dry, it’s time to make your masterpiece! Using construction paper and glue, your little one can have fun making shapes, creating lines, using patterns, and more. (My daughter loved making straight lines!) When you are finished, allow the glue to dry. Then, hang your pasta art somewhere special – like the kitchen!



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