DIY Summer Glow Nightlight Lanterns


There is something about that magical bedtime hour. I love to peek in on my girls and breathe in their bedtime summer scent, strawberry shampoo fresh from the bath, with a fading scent of chlorine from earlier in the day. It’s sweet to see their summer smiles, content from a lazy day of just hanging out. We enjoyed making these lanterns and they cast a cool, cozy glow onto their bedroom ceilings at nighttime. Olivia, my almost ‘teen declared them “ adorbs!”, and I know Zoe had a blast painting. Zoe’s lantern glows steadily through the night, and she loves the pink glow it gives her room. This is a super easy, adaptable craft, perfect for summer sleepovers!

Summer Glow Nightlight Lanterns

Family Rating-5-100 ( Picky preteen approved, some supervision for young children)

Time: 1 hour total

What you will need: 

-1 Large Mason Jar with a wide mouth top ( Make sure your lights fit inside before starting!)

-1 Strand of Battery Powered LED Lights ( rummage through your holiday stash!)

-Paint – I LOVE  and used Kid Made Modern, Shimmer Shine Paints from Target

-1 Decal – I used some decals we had leftover from a wall design pack. Check unused stickers or decals from previous projects , or you could paint a finished design with acrylic.


Wash and dry your mason jar. Paint your jar to the very top. We used 3 coats of paint, placing on the patio to dry in the sun in between each coat. The paint we used was acrylic and has a very cool shimmer to it! The paint color looks shimmery solid by day and is super cute,  and glows nicely with a see through effect by night.

This project was a lot of painting, but my girls enjoyed the effort. Once dry, decorate with a decal , or make your own cutting outline shapes ( think smiley face’s, peace symbols, etc.) out of larger decals or stickers. You could also try painting an outline shape with a dark color in acrylic paint.

Fill jar with a strand of battery powered LED lights. If you don’t have any on hand, you can easily find them at your local craft store. Bright white are always the best!

Late nights and lazy mornings, savor the simple things this summer!

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