DIY Milk Carton Birdhouse



Drink it…

Then make Birdhouses!

It was a lazy Saturday morning – did not feel like making breakfast. Cereal it would be. As I watched my girls balance big cereal bowls between their little hands walking from the kitchen to the couch, my husband announced, “We’re out of milk!”

Again?! I thought to myself. How much milk can a family go through? What to do…what to do with all those empty cartons…

Craft time.


Once you have an empty milk carton, you are ready to get started… The great thing about this recycled craft is that you can use anything…all odds and ends and scraps will work…

For this particular birdhouse, we used: newspaper, scraps of wrapping paper, felt, paint, glitter, small twigs and branches we found in  our yard, ribbon, and hemp cord to hang the house.

1. Clean out carton (birds do not like the smell of rotten milk).

2. Cut a door for your new occupants to enter…My girls created a drawbridge and path with twigs…

3. DECORATE (anything goes).


4. Cut 2 small holes in the top of the carton and thread hemp cord to create a hanger.

5. Find a great tree to hang it in.


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