DIY 4th of July Table Decorations


Here’s a fun, easy 4th of July table decoration craft that you and your kids will have a blast doing together! We used Mason jars and tissue to create awesome centerpieces for our Independence Day celebration. For an evening get-together, try placing battery-powered LED lights in the bottom of each jar to create beautiful, festive luminaries.


What you will need:

American flags (we found these at our local hardware store)

Mod Podge

Red, white and blue tissue paper


Small foam paintbrush

Mason jars

Optional: battery operated LED lights (to create luminaries)


Step 1: Cut tissue paper into strips, squares and shapes (stars and hearts work great!)


Step 2: Paint outside of the Mason jars with Mod Podge.


Step 3: Using a decoupage technique, cover the jar with layers of tissue paper.




NOTE: If you are making luminaries and really want the light to shine through your jars, try painting the inside of your Mason jar with Mod Podge and then use a ruler or pencil to gently press tissue paper into the jar, leaving the exterior clear. Both variations on this craft come out great!

Step 4: Use some crumpled tissue paper inside each jar to provide a base for the flags.


Step 5: Decorate your 4th of July table and enjoy!

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