Make Your Own Picture Frames


I’m not crafty. But I am creative. I rely on craft stores for materials I need to work with my daughter on projects. Often we go with a specific vision in mind. Sometimes we simply browse and let our creative juices be stirred by what we find.

I used to feel badly about not being a crafty mom. I believed I was letting my child down. Keeping her from having fun experiences the kids of moms who are crafty get to have.

But I have learned all I really need to do is provide the encouragement and materials she needs to express her own creativity.

It’s not necessarily about ME coming up with ideas and manufacturing opportunities to craft. It’s about MY CHILD using her imagination and having the opportunity to express her creativity. That’s how the magic truly happens.

When the three kids down the street from us had to move, my daughter wanted to give them a special gift. Something to help them remember her and the good times they had shared.

We headed off to the store, where we found a foam picture frame kit from that came with a set of frames, adhesive letters and designs in bright colors. She loved them.

As soon as we got home, she went right to work. With my help, she spelled out each child’s name. Then she embellished the frames with fun shapes and designs. She made sure to use her friends’ favorite colors.

Next we went on the computer together, and she selected photos of her with each child. Daddy helped print them out and attach them to the frames. Our (now former) neighbors loved them.

Since then, she has made photo frames for other friends, for teachers and for family members. They are always well received. She’s also made some for her own room, to display photos of her favorite people:


It’s cheap, easy and fun. My three top rules for anything crafty.

You can buy felt, foam or wood ones from your local craft store. They come with kits, or you can work with materials you have. Glitter glue and metallic marker would work great on the foam. You child could paint a wood frame.

We are also big fans of visiting a local pottery studio to paint one-of-a-kind personalized ceramic gifts. Here’s a photo frame my daughter made for my husband:


Check out Moonfrye contributor Kimberly Muller’s awesome handmade frame! And Soleil has a great idea for displaying your favorite family photos, no frames required! The possibilities are truly endless to capture a memory in a personalized way.

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