Sweet Threads: How to Make Fresh Fruit Popsicles


“You are crazy,” she says, not unkindly. Her bob perfectly smoothed into place, her running skirt perfectly adorable.

I want to ask her how she likes the skirt, wondering about getting one for myself. But I don’t. Our threads have yet to go beyond preschool pick up and drop off — hellos and goodbyes that make mothering warmer and sweeter — but are loose yet.

“I’m excited,” I say. “It’ll be fun,” I add. “We’ll see what I think a few hours from now,” I go on. One of my worst traits is always over-sharing, filling spaces that are actually just fine bare.

We laugh one more time and I buckle her son next to mine; we’re off to do two more play date pick ups – one for each of my girls.

I don’t always give in to this kind of luxury. If one of my Hearts has a play date, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the others do. I don’t want them to assume, to expect, or to not be able to handle what comes along with not having the same as their siblings.

But it’s summer.

And the gifts of long days and golden sunshine and free schedules mean that today this is what we’re doing.

And I really am excited – I love watching them play, seeing them shine with their friends, noting when they break off and how they come back together.

It’s the sprinklers and water balloons and homemade popsicles that draw them in tight. I can’t say that I blame them.

These are, indeed, the sweetest threads of summer friendships.

How to Make Fresh Fruit Popsicles with Your Summer-Kissed Kids

  • I love these popsicle molds from Target.
  • Fill them with fresh or frozen, unsweetened fruit such as mangos, peaches, or berries and top them off with apple juice, white grape juice, or lemonade.
  • Freeze for at least six hours.
  • And serve to your children and their guests under the hottest sun, preferably after a really good water balloon fight.

8 Replies to “Sweet Threads: How to Make Fresh Fruit Popsicles”

  1. I just got meself a juicer and have been wanting to make popsicles! These are just brilliant and would fair so well in the heat we are experiencing now. Only thing holding me back is no popsicles mould or case. :(

    1. Ooh I absolutely love the idea of using a juicer for these! And as for the mold – we used plastic cups and popsicle sticks last year and they do work! You just have to work the sides a bit – even plunge them in a bit of warm water – to get the cups off!

  2. We purchased some push-pop molds from Amazon, and I fill them with yogurt – Stoneyfield Farms chocolate is our favorite – it’s just like eating yogurt for him, but it tastes way better frozen, like a fudge pop! Love your ideas, always. :)

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