DIY Neon Summer Fashions


I am loving the bright colors this summer season! Who can resist a burst of color to decorate everyday fabric?  When my girls were little, a new box of Crayola crayons would rock their world and they would draw for hours. Next it was the upscale crayons.. .metallics and brights, until they graduated to markers, and then Sharpies! So I could not resist this display of NEON Sharpies calling to me from the end aisle at Target. I know my girls still love to draw and color.. it’s just now that they are ‘tweens it is much cooler to call it doodling. And what better to doodle on then fabric to make some wearable art!

School’s out and my almost teen has a white pair of Converse that she wore for school. Doodling on uniform shoes is expressly forbidden so I knew this project would have extra allure. Since Keds are in style again, check the sale shelves of your local Target for their stylish store brand of basic summer shoes that need extra flair. Zoe, my ‘tween, joined the fun with a simple canvas bag perfect for a trip to the Farmers Market, local library or summer adventure.

Neon Summer Fashions


Family Rating- 4-100 ( Picky preteen approved)

Time: 1-2 hours or less, your choice!

What you will need:

-Neon sharpies ( Best display/ assortment : Target

-#2 Pencil ( For little ones, you can assist pre-sketching designs for them to color , also use stencils for little ones. Some easy ones to make at home perfect for this project include smiley faces, hearts, and peace symbols. Not feeling too inspired? Bust out a box of cookie cutters!

– Fashion Fun Items: Old plain canvas shoes, if white or gently worn, soak in oxy- clean for a few hours to remove soil and prep fabric. Canvas bags work great too, don’t forget to slide a piece of cardboard, file folder or folded brown grocery bag inside the canvas bag so the Sharpie ink won’t soak through to the other side.This also makes it easier to doodle and draw on!



  1. Prep canvas materials if gently soiled, soak in oxy clean and hand scrub, rinse and dry in the sun.
  2. Sketch designs if desired or plunge in and start doodling.
  3. Stop for a snack mid-session. We made bowls of popcorn and pink lemonade, because it’s summer and we weren’t in a hurry. You shouldn’t be either!
  4. Stop and join the fun. I didn’t do this and regret it so we will do this again.
  5. Admire your artists work and snap a pic, for when they outgrow their of wearable art.
  6. Oooh and ahh appropriately!


Savor the simple things this summer!

One Reply to “DIY Neon Summer Fashions”

  1. This is just what I need! Thank you. Now I can stop.them from buying shoes hehehehe. Don’t think me kids are gonna be thrilled to know I got it from here. ;)

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