DIY Berry Flower Hair Pins


Crafting with paper is one of our favorite things to do. These sweet flower hair pins are simple to make, fun to wear…and addictive, too!

What you will need:

Colored paper



Glue (make sure it’s clear-dry, or use a hot glue gun)

Hair pins



Step 1: Using scissors, cut paper into strips using the following dimensions:

  • Leaves – cut two 1/4 inch x 16 inch strips
  • Berries – cut two 1/4 by 12 inch strips and one 1/4  x 6 inch strip

Step 2: Roll paper strip onto toothpick; tightly for berries and loosely for leaves.



Step 3: Pinch edges closed to form an oval shape for the leaves.


Step 4: Apply a dab of glue to seal and remove toothpick.


Step 5: Glue berry flowers together as pictured.


Step 6:

Glue flower to hair pin and allow to dry completely.



2 Replies to “DIY Berry Flower Hair Pins”

  1. Thank you for being you. A momma can have a great example of a strong woman to show her daughter. I was a faithful Punky fan and I was so excited to hear you were back and have become such a fantastic woman, mother and role model! Thanks Punky!

    One of your biggest fans from way back,
    Brandi Gaston, mother of 4.

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