DIY Glitter Shoes


We are big believers in reusing clothing. Jagger is always jumping at the chance to wear Poet’s shoes…sometimes before she’s outgrown them! Here’s a super simple, fun repurposing craft that will transform previously worn shoes into fashion must-haves.

What you will need:

Shoes (we used these adorable patent leather Mary Janes from Target)


Mod Podge


Foam paintbrush



Step 1: Mark off the front section of the toe using tape (make sure you wrap your tape around the sides of the shoes and beneath the sole)


Step 2: Using the foam brush, paint the toe with Mod Podge and cover with glitter.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the ankle strap.


Step 4: Allow to dry, then carefully remove the tape.


Let your little ones try on their extra-fancy footwear!

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