DIY No-Slip Socks


My youngest daughter, Ingrid, is so close to walking. She walks around the room, holding onto everything in sight. She’ll push a cart or a toy around forever. One thing that has always bugged me about some baby socks is that they don’t all  have the non-skid things on the bottom. Luckily, this can be easily fixed! Here is a 5-minute craft project that everyone in the family can enjoy…

What you will need:




Puff Paint



  • Cut inserts for your socks. (An oval will assure that your socks won’t snag!


  • Use puff paint to paint a design on the bottom of each sock. You can get really creative with this step! I did simple polka dots and some tribal triangles, but you could paint designs, use a good mix of colors, or even paint on words or names.
  • Let them dry at least 24 hours before use. Enjoy!


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