DIY Father’s Day Photo Mobile


Celebrating Father’s Day is one of the best days of the year in our house. Poet and Jagger have such a special relationship with their dad. We came up with this craft (using twigs from our own backyard!) to show him how much they love and appreciate him. Fingers crossed he thinks it’s as awesome as we do :)

What you will need:

Twigs or small branches

Craft needle

Gold thread


Pom poms

Glitter craft paper


Hole punch

Family photos



Step 1: Use scissors to cut heart shapes out of craft paper. Punch a hole at the top.


Step 2: Cut an eighteen-inch piece of twine and thread through the hole doubled to create a slip knot.


Step 3: Using the loose ends of twine, fasten hearts to the branch by tying a bow. Leave a few inches of twine to dangle.

Step 4: Punch a hole in the top corner of your photographs and repeat the twine slip knot from step 3. Using varying lengths, tie your photographs along the length of your twig.


Step 5: Cut varying lengths of gold thread. Tie a knot at the bottom of each piece. Using a craft needle, pierce the center of each pom pom and thread through. Tie to the twig using the loose end of the thread.


When you’re finished, you can wrap your completed mobile in a piece of burlap for a rustic touch and tie with a ribbon. Happy Father’s Day!


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