National Best Friends Day!


Today is National Best Friends Day! Friendship is an amazing thing…at Moonfrye we are so grateful for the friends that laugh with us, cry with us, and make the journey through life better every step of the way. Looking for a way to celebrate your BFFs today? Post a picture on Facebook, give them a call or send a funny text…and check out our fun Best Friends Day flowered headband craft below!

What You Will Need:

Plastic headbands

Artificial flowers

Craft glue




Step 1: Squeeze small dots of glue onto your headband.

Step 2: Cover with glitter, then shake off the excess. Set to dry.

Step 3: Separate individual flower petals from their plastic stems and flatten.

Step 4: Using dollops of glue between layers, stack several petals on top of each other.

Step 5: Glue the completed stack to the top of your headband. Let glue dry completey.

Step 6: Wear your matching BFF headbands with pride!

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