Confessions of a Listaholic


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As I write this, I know there is an emotional reward waiting at the end… hopefully for you in that there will be value in reading my musings on motherhood and life in general but, definitely for me. Why?  Because I will be able to cross this post off my list.  What list you wonder?  Well, the list of things to do this week, which is just one of my many go-to lists.  Most of us make lists to go to the grocery store and I’m no exception.  But beyond the groceries, there are many other lists I create weekly, update daily and rely on to guide my otherwise frantic life. I have a serious list-dependency issue.  In fact, I think I may be a list-aholic.

If you consider the groceries as one example, I have lists for each of the stores we go to, each organized by section.  Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop, Costco.  Dairy, Fruits & Veggies, Cereal, and so on.  Check, check, check!  I have to say, just as there’s value in not recreating the wheel, there’s value – and time savings – in having standardized lists.  If you know you will need milk, yogurt, eggs, etc. each week, there’s no need to recreate your list…unless of course, you need the satisfaction of checking things off which, I admit, gives me great joy.

I also have packing lists and they, of course, vary by season.  I realize I might be starting to sound crazy but trust me, if you had five kids that you might drag to the slopes in the winter and seashore in the summer, you’d make lists too.  You don’t want to be the mom who left one little man’s mittens behind or forgot the top to your daughter’s bathing suit.  Trust me, these are not the moments that memories are made of!

Then there’s my “to do” list at work.  I literally draw check boxes so I can have that smug feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.  This list is quite sophisticated in that it even has sub-lists and coding.  On any given morning, upon arriving at the office, I might peruse my list and highlight what absolutely must happen that day.  By noon, I might have a budding Post-It list of other things that pop up – like calls to return and meetings to schedule.  By 5:30 when I race out the door and home to the chaos of our clan at dinnertime, there’s a new list blooming.  The list of what absolutely must happen that night.

My evening lists tend to be shorter than my daily work lists – perhaps because I don’t actually write down things like “feed kids, check homework, fold laundry, make lunches”… although, I have flirted with doing so on occasion just so I can cross them off!  My “to do tonight” lists typically contain our family obligations – birthday RSVPs, paying bills, filling out school forms, uploading pictures, confirming playdates, etc.  Come to think of it, maybe they do rival my work list on occasion!

Last but not least, there’s my “personal” list.  This one includes things like: make dentist appointment, call dermatologist back, get Mom’s birthday present, drop clothes at cleaners and, of course, write post for Moonfrye. Check!

One Reply to “Confessions of a Listaholic”

  1. Thank you! I too am a listaholic gaining great satisfaction from making the square and placing the pretty checkmark inside when the task is completed. And you reminded me I needed to add milk to my current grocery list!

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