Handmade Surprise Balls!


Simple, colorful and a TON of fun! The only thing more exciting than making these awesome handmade surprise balls is watching the kids have a blast opening them!

What you will need:

Crepe paper streamers in multiple colors

Small toys (the “surprises” for the center of each ball!)

Small sticker sheets, charms or jewels

White craft glue




Step 1: Cut streamers into three foot lengths.

Step 2: Using one strip of streamer, wrap the main surprise toy with tissue, creating a ball shape. When you reach the end of of the strip, seal with glue or a sticker.



Step 3: Repeat process for sticker sheets, charms and jewels, alternating colors as you go. Make sure you wrap each layer to preserve the round shape of your ball!





Step 4: Seal final layer with a sticker…you’re ready to play!



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