DIY Confetti Party Hat Tutorial!


I love this craft so much. Make special occasions even brighter with our confetti-covered party hat! Celebrate the birthday kid in style with a special hat just for them, or set up stations so every party goer can create their own style. Don’t forget to take lots of  pictures when you’re done!


What you will need:

Paper mache cones (we like these)

Confetti circles (buy them pre-cut or create your own with scissors and tissue paper)


Craft glue

Grosgrain ribbon (1″ to 2″ widths work best)


Jumbo-sized pom poms (for the finishing touch!)


Step 1: 

Starting at the bottom of your cone, paint a thin layer of glue and apply confetti circles one at a time, overlapping the edges. Work your way up the cone, making sure to cover all empty spaces.


Step 2:

Poke two holes opposite each other at the base of the cone.

Knot lengths of ribbon (approximately 8″, or measure each child for an exact fit) through each hole. These will tie beneath the child’s chin to keep the finished hat in place.


Step 3:

Glue a pom pom to the very top. You’re ready to celebrate!



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