May Day Baskets


Growing up, we always made May Day baskets with my mom. Now I’m trying to continue the tradition with my own girls. If you don’t know, May Day baskets are part of an old tradition. You usually fill the basket with flowers or treats and leave them at someone’s doorstep. You’re supposed to ring the doorbell and run away. If they see you, you have to kiss them! It’s kind of a funny game, but a fun one, especially for kiddos. Leave out the kissing part and have fun surprising your neighbors with this handmade craft!

You will need:





Extra décor (optional!)


1)    Cut a sheet of paper into ½ inch strips.

2)    Fold another sheet of paper (different color!) in half, hamburger style.

3)    Starting from the bottom, cut ½ inch strips, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

4)    Using your paper strips, weave them in and out of the folded sheet, like a basket weave.

5)    When you start and finish a new strip, glue the ends down so they don’t go anwhere.

6)    When the basket is completed woven together, glue the sides together.

7)    Use ribbon to make a cute handle.

8)    Decorate with glue, buttons, markers, pom poms, glitter, and more.

9)    Fill with flowers and enjoy!

If your kids are older, they could handle this project on your own. My girls are a little too young to make the basket themselves, but they helped me decorate it afterward. Now we just need to pick some wildflowers to fill the basket so we can leave it on someone’s doorstep!

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